Simple, easy-to-use accounting software to help you manage your business, the smart way! At Orange Analytics, we help businesses improve their business process and stay at the forefront of competition using innovative technologies. The software solution you get working with us is:

Orange Analytics specializes in custom accounting software development and delivers high quality solutions to businesses of different scale and in different industries. In our work we use modern technologies and individual approach to every company. From inception to completion, we liaise closely with you to understand what you require and provide a creative solution that best meets your needs.

The future success of your business will rely on secure instant access to information from any location, at any time.


Some of basic features of OA accounting software

Accounting Anywhere, Anytime

Create transactions and access customer data on the go. Send quotes from the train or run P&L report right from your mobile!

Automated Banking

Connect your bank account and get real-time update on your cash flow. Monitor transactions and categorize them instantly.

Get Paid Faster

Send professional invoices to clients and Offer your customers the convenience to pay you online from anywhere with high security.

Work Smart and Save Time

Streamline your back office tasks and organize all your transactions in a single place. Spend less time on repetitive and boring tasks and always remain up-to-date on your outstanding invoices and bills.

Track, Adjust & Replenish Stock

Auto updates the quantity and the value of the item as they come in and go out of the business. know the exact quantity available, adjust it and also set to purchase items when the stock levels fall.

Simply Communication

Give your clients access to the client portal and let them view recent transactions, past payment history and make payments online. Manage your entire inventory and record all the associated transactions.

Prepare Financial Statements

We help you to create key financial reports like Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance to see how your business is performing.

Manage Contacts Easily

Create, edit and manage all your customers and suppliers. Stay informed on all the activities and keep updated contact information and their profiles always.

Dashboard and Reports

Know how your business is faring instantly. Stay on top of your finances with powerful accounting reports like P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.