Are you ready to apply your knowledge and life experience to exciting new challenges? From learning to leadership, this is your chance to take your career to the next level. Search and apply for a job today. If you are smart, incredibly talented, expressive, and want the right space to grow, then come be a part of Orange Analytics team. We look out for people who are passionate, hardworking and creative.

  • We Want Your Brain

  • Anyone can program, and we can teach mobile and web tech. What we can’t teach is raw intelligence and a personal desire to be great. We want craftsmen who understand their tools, who can learn from one another to advance their craft. You understand that programming languages, IDEs, and operating systems are tools that are designed for specific jobs, and you have no problem with picking up new tools that accomplish what you need. We want your perspectives, your ideas, your intellect. We need you to make the best decision for you and your team.

  • Do you know what you want?

  • You want to work with passionate, creative people who love to solve problems. Developers, designers, strategists. You want to come in to work every morning excited about the incredible product you are going to create. You set expectations and deliver on them weekly, sometimes daily. You deserve to get something more than a paycheque in exchange for all of your hard work. You want to be proud of what you build, and you deserve a team that also wants to create amazing mobile and web applications.

  • What We Expect From You

  • Everyone at Orange Analytics is given the tools and resources they need to succeed at their job. In exchange for a great place to work, we expect you to build amazing applications for our customers and amazing talent for us. Developers are expected to produce quality publishable applications, mobile and web apps that can be put in the hands of our clients and their users at a moment’s notice.We put tools for continuous integration and continuous delivery in place to enable you to constantly provide value to our clients, and expect you to use those tools or to find something better and help us move the entire company forward. We are lean, which means we reflect on what we learn and use that new knowledge to quickly make better products. Your job is to keep learning, contribute your knowledge back to the rest of the team, and apply what you learn to make Orange Analytics even greater.