We offer a core set of design, development and marketing to improve online visibility and business impact. Orange Analytics maintains a regular flow of communication with our clients to understand their challenges and goals. With the help of our cross-disciplinary team, we combine research, data and experience and draw roadmap to success.

We are here to execute your campaigns with big ideas and design that deliver prompt result. With our experienced team, we focus on creating an effective mobile friendly website with responsive web design and robust mobile solutions to influence branding and marketing for your business.

You get to work with a reliable and responsible quality monitoring and testing at all stage of website development and ensure that your final product is of high quality.

We optimize your websites in a manner that they are device-friendly, and help to convert more visitors on your website. Whenever a customer lands on your web page and start learning about your business, either by browsing or by filling out an online form, these pages would tailor solutions for device they are working on.

Website Design

We know you need a website that’s reliable, affordable, and built quickly. But we also know that you want a website that’s unique to you. We at Orange Analytics will create a bespoke website design, tailored exactly to your needs.We’ll make sure it meets your business’ requirements, engages your customers, and functions perfectly.

We at Orange Analytics help you to have a single website that is mobile –friendly and easy to maintain. The use of fluid grid works as an extension of liquid layouts, elements fit in one or more screen size in a robust manner. As responsive design works through CSS media queries, clients get an added advantage of choosing a CMS over extensive choices.

We develop custom websites that drive best ROI with a modular approach to front-end & backend development and robust technology! We develop websites that become a benchmark solution for your business. Giving you the right solutions for your website is exactly what we do.


We specialize in offering exclusive eCommerce development services, which are tailor made to ensure the success of your business.

Our eCommerce Development strategy serves the customers in such a way that it can meet the user’s shopping experience at the maximum. Orange Analytics dedicated eCommerce development team comprises of skilled professionals having expertise in designing and developing any complex eCommerce application.

OA provides integration services for eCommerce Applications including development of suitable modules, configuration of third party modules.

Orange Analytics ecommerce web development experts provides business-specific solutions understanding your requirements and create web store with features that compliment your niche. We have been working on hundreds of ecommerce projects and know what it takes to generate sales. With the use of responsive web design, our ecommerce websites are optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablets. From selling a product to subscription, taking payments to offers, our team develops custom designs, which makes your business Perfect!


We create meaningful and high quality digital experience to increase your brand awareness. Our expertise in the creative and technology will help you to build the credibility and potential of your brand in the market. Our committed and dedicated team has the knowledge, Skills and experience to find an appropriate solution that strengthens your brand value and identity.

Logo is important: it’s the heart of your company. However, we know that a brand identity is much more than business logo. From business cards to product packaging, your brand needs to be cohesive. It needs to be strong, effective and recognisable, creating the right impression on target audience. Let us help you to develop strong company branding that captures your customers’ attention.

We at Orange Analytics will clearly define your brand in the market and what its stand for and how can you communicate your value of your brand.

Graphic Design

Visual communication in the form of good graphic design will bring another dimension to your marketing. We give clients clean, consistent and visually stimulating graphic design to enhance their brand, services and products.

Our team are able to create a design that not only looks appealing, but also endorses the values and ethics of your brand as a whole. Exactly what you will want to achieve from all parts of your graphic design plans.

We will work with you from the initial brand design, right up to the print, and we can take care of a variety of details include business cards, logos, advertising and brochures. Our team understand all of the design essentials that need to be remembered and guide you through which of the options suit your company best.

Online Marketing

Your website is designed professionally and functions faultlessly. However, it also needs to create genuine leads. We have the knowledge and experience to manage your presence online. Orange Analytics team have a wealth of web management skills and expertise, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that we’ll be promoting your business to your target audience.

Aiming for — More Visibility, Higher Search Rates, Increased Traffic, and Improved Conversions. Thinking to expand and refresh your online marketing strategies, you get them all with our proven marketing strategies. Let us turn your visitors to leads, leads to customers and customers to brand advocates.

To create a successful online presence and increase potential leads over the internet, your business needs to spread the right brand message, advertise your products/services more and share desired expertise.

You need to get your website in the front as search engines rewards those sites that offer people outstanding user experience and valuable contents. As your business is unique and have different goals, we offer customized online marketing services to boost your rankings, traffic and let you fill the sales pipeline to the brim. We offer digital marketing solutions that fit the needs of your business and budget.

Let all aspects of your online campaign work together to produce the best possible results.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your customers spend a significant portion of their daily lives online. Whether they’re surfing the web in their office, on the train, or at home – we want you to be the brand they see. As SEO experts, Orange Analytics build strategies that help you earn that visibility. We help you stay top of mind to the audiences that matter most by matching search intent to your strategy.

Our SEO experts are ninjas, always up on Google’s latest algorithmic changes and skilled at uncovering why your traffic is lagging and how to increase volume. We make sure the frontend and the backend of your website are built with SEO in mind.

By ensuring your site incorporates a clean structure, responsive design, and the latest best practices, we can help traffic flow to the right places and reduce the impact of future algorithm updates.

We’re constantly measuring results and tracking your customers’ behavior to maximize your ROI. We’re always learning about your business and your clientele, and putting what we learn to use. With time-tested Google PPC management experience, proprietary technology, and knowledgeable search engine marketers, we will drive results to support your company’s objective.

Social Media Optimisation

It’s not enough to build a great site, meet your audience in the right places. We’ll tell you which social platforms matter to you, identify the right influencers for your brand and audience, and help build the relationships that will engage your audience no matter where they are.

As we employ productive social media practices in SEO processes to ensure maximum coverage to our clients. Maintaining multiple social profiles, boost brand recognition, gather followers, likes and shares or actively take part in various forum discussion on behalf of our clients are some of the aspects we serve.

Website Maintenance

Our team of “web geeks” can keep an eye on your site and help prevent hackers and viruses from accessing your website, and we can make updates and changes to your site and keep your site well maintained and optimized.

Protecting your website, backing up your data and keeping the code, plugins, themes and content management system software up to date is critical to ensuring your website and the information in it are safe, secure and easily retrievable. We at Orange Analytics offer monthly, twice-monthly and weekly services to keep your website current and secure.

Orange Analytics dedicated website specialist to update and manage your web assets. We keep your site updated and running smoothly.

IT Consulting

Orange Analytics IT Consulting Services provides an experienced consulting team to help you clearly outline your goals and desired outcomes in order to create an approach that’s tailored to your needs and balances the benefits of best practices with the need for speed, efficiency and flexibility. We will offer guidance and business planning services along the way to help you align IT with your goals. And as you make the transition to your new solutions, or extend your current solutions, we’ll work with you to minimize disruption and make sure you’re getting the most from your Orange Analytics solution.

Leverage the experience of an industry leader in digital era IT advisory and transformation services with Orange Analytics. Our IT blueprints focus on your business outcomes and goals, and consider your specific transformation needs. We listen carefully and will roadmap your strategy and design your transformation—tuned to your unique challenges—to help you drive better digital experience for you and for your customers. Get valuable business planning services from the experts who understand your goals.

Generate business improvement, manage your digital assets, and improve cost efficiencies. Orange Analytics IT advisory services and consultants will work to help you monetize the value of data through modernizing your data infrastructure.

Orange Analytics IT advisory services and consultants leverage technologies to address your organization’s goals and execute tactical strategies that grow and/or preserve the health of your business. We listen to your needs and develop appropriate solutions.