OA reporting service helps you easily analyze your business data, and create insightful reports and dashboards for informed decision-making.

Orange Analytics business intelligence and reporting service leverages best methods and techniques to create reports and dashboards containing a wide variety of chart and gauge formats to distill meaning from extensive business data and turn information into answers. An essential aspect of delivering effective research results is the ability to produce accessible, user-friendly reporting that is both meaningful and allows you to take action.

Our web-based reporting services ensure accountability, empowerment and consistency across your organization and are designed with both the executive and the everyday user in mind. Our Dashboard feature allows executives to see an immediate snapshot of their enterprise’s key metrics, while management can view results on individual employees and offices.

Analyze any operational data like sales, marketing, finance, customer support etc., and track key performance indicators. Stay on top of your business. Understanding your business performance is the key to growing your business. The powerful analytics service in OA helps you instantly see your receivables, payables, cash flow, income and expenses and much more right on your dashboard.

Get insights on your business’ purchase and sales activities. Track Purchase Order in their various stages, vendor balances, bills issued and expenses by category. Track sales by item, customers and sales person etc. Run customer balance, invoice ageing report to identify payments that need to be collected or remind customers of upcoming payments.

OA analysis and reporting service uses latest technologies to deliver best reporting and data mining solutions. We partner with your team to develop and implement custom solutions that arm leaders with reliable information needed to make informed business decisions.

Every business has data which when collected, stored, cleaned, organized, consolidated, analyzed and interpreted by a trained mind yields valuable insights into the business which helps in making strategic business planning decisions & operations efficiency improvements.

Orange Analytics understands the problem of businesses and helps with ongoing data analysis and reporting services. We help you setting up or improving your data collection and storage systems and help automate the cleansing and collating of the data to improve the overall quality of the data to enable efficient analysis and interpretation.