Orange Analytics Process

We offer top notch business solutions, we are never satisfied until you are.

Each of your projects will move through this same process of quality control, ensuring that the cutting edge features, seasoned execution and optimized functionality that you demand are carried out.

Orange Analytics fills in the holes of your design and development process. If you need end to end design and development, we can help. If your process is set and you only need a few consultations, we can streamline and hone your work here as well.

OA begins every process by first understanding the market and the motivations of you, the client. Our vetted proprietary approach to the production process [Discover, Design, Deliver] gives us the most effective path to enable your design. We also look to provide you with leverage in your process to save time and manpower, automation techniques to improve your workflow and action steps that you can easily employ in house without a professional consultant.


The Discovery phase of the Orange Analytics process helps us understand your business goals and application objectives. Here we will establish the overall scope of the project and streamline the process to provide you a precise timeline and budget estimate.


Your ideas come to life in the Design stage. Here, OA begins to build upon the planning stage. The Design stage is all about quantifying the resources necessary to move forward and creating the visual and interface design around the data gathered.


Our Quality Assurance process and personnel ensure the viability of your applications on day one. The Delivery stage solidifies your ideas and concludes the development and testing action steps. There is no job too big for Orange Analytics team to tackle.

Why Choose Orange Analytics

Take your business to the next level while joining Orange Analytics happy customers.

- We Strive For Excellence -

We strive for excellence and we want the same for you. If you need a high performance web app or an up-to-date mobile app, our design and development team is ready to employ all possible efforts to craft them for you.

Your exciting journey to the IT-world will start with in-depth research of your business and documented specifications of your solution-to-be. This is a key aspect that gives us confidence in engineering an effective app with high-priority features. We follow best development practices which allows us to scale up the app as requirement grows.

We use agile methodology to constantly improve our clients’ products and services through discipline, innovation, and openness.

Using the latest technologies, best UX/UI design and development methodologies, We at Orange Analytics design and develop beautiful and high-tech solutions to suit your needs and help your business attract target customers that is useable across all devices and operating systems.

- We Are Fully Experienced -

The Orange Analytics Development Team has years of experience and extensive knowledge of programming and enterprise applications. OA uses the most advanced tools to create powerful mobile applications.

Our experience in different business areas allows us to suggest the technologies that will work best for your business. If you need something different or a combination of several technologies – we are here to listen to your requirements and provide best of breed solution for your particular web and mobile application.

We understand businesses and their mobility requirements: It has been a decade that we are working with different businesses and delivering solutions in multiple functional areas including sales and marketing, production and support. So now We fully understand businesses and which enables us to successfully execute mobility strategy of any business.

- Work With A Team Of Experts -

Web design techniques keeps changing and creates constant scope for higher performance. Therefore, you need a professional who use latest coding standards to amplify user-experience. At Orange Analytics, you can enjoy agility throughout, and let your website find solutions to perform better.

We build powerful and high performance mobile and web apps. Orange Analytics uses structured development methods and programming, best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards.

We are technical experts with expertise in UI and user experience. We make user friendly UI for all levels of users. We follow best development practices which allows us to scale up the app as requirement grows.

We are well-versed in all web-related technologies and we value security, flexibility, and ease-of-use. With programming expertise and a passion for elegant problem-solving, we’ll build the engine that drives your business.

Orange Analytics Benefits

We make technology work for you, no matter what your business is.

We provide full-cycle services in the areas of software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application and portal development. We always work close to the Customer to reveal all the requirements and needs, including technology preferences.

Orange Analytics delivers web and Mobile application development solutions. We combine our concrete business domain experience, technical expertise of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model to offer progressive, end-to-end web and mobile solutions.

  • The User Experience

    The modern user expects a personalized, robust Internet experience across many screens. Although Orange Analytics builds applications that can perform any complex task, clean, user-friendly interface designs are also integrated. Our job is to provide you with an optimized design that maximizes results.

  • Unparalleled Quality

    Orange Analytics has built its reputation on comprehensive products that are developed as if they are our own. OA's skilled quality assurance team thoroughly tests all features before they are deployed to the public. We review all lines of codes and every design to the pixels to meet client standards.

  • Time to Market

    Your project gets done within your timeline. Every business has specific deadlines and it's our job to help you meet those. If we set a schedule, we stick to it.

  • Lower Costs/Higher ROI

    We know how to work the nuances of our development tools to save you money while maximizing your project's functionality. Our team quickly scales to meet your budget.

  • Cross Training

    We believe in a truly collaborative approach to successful software development where our teams become one and learn from each other during the partnership. Draw users into your application and keep them coming back with a customized design and interface that feels second nature to use.

  • DevOps

    Continuous delivery through development to operations means a more efficient production and versioning schedule for high velocity delivery and product improvements -we at Orange Analytics will help get you there. We code using best practices and are always up for a challenge.

  • Front to Back Techs

    Full stack development capabilities for all major operating systems and platforms ensure the compatibility of your projects with your preferred deployment - web, mobile, desktop, or omnichannel.

  • Enterprise Grade

    Service to the scale of your business ensures cost effective, maintainable, integrated business solutions for client and backend systems regardless of the size of your business or the volume of the audience you serve.

  • Consulting Service

    Decades of operations technical expertise improve your customer outreach from both the technical and marketing perspective while allowing your in house staff to maintain their focus for higher all around efficiency.

  • Dynamic Approach

    Orange Analytics designers and developers thoroughly studies the project objectives, client expectations and strategize accordingly to achieve desired business goals. We are committed to excellence.

  • Effective Communication

    Communication is the master key to unlock result-driven solutions. Whether it is Skype or Hangout, we communicate with integrity, build trust and understand our clients to reward them with best-in-market solutions.

  • Industry Experience

    More than a decade of experience in web, mobile and e-commerce design and development make us stand apart in the developer’s crowd. We are ready to support your project from the idea to implementation stage.

  • Expert Talentpool

    To meet desired business objectives of our clients we employ the most talented developers. Get your project off on the right foot by working with our strategists and developers to create a customized business plan and define success.

  • Best Support

    We resolve technical and non-technical issues and maintain service quality throughout to earn repute and repeat business. Keep your software relevant and up to date. Fix problems as soon as they arise with OA.